Stuctural and tectonophysics research

 The research of mesostructures are very significant for the stress felds evolution in different geological time formations on the territories with complicated tectonic history.


 The main objective of these investigations is brittle and semibrittle structures at natural outcrops, located in stream and river beds. Different types of sractures measure, describe, photograph and plott.


Figure. Diffrerent type of structure: joints, slickensides, folds, clastic dikes


 We use paleostress analysis. We analyse brittle and semi brittle structures such as joints, slickensides, folds, faults etc. in outcrops. These structural data we use for reconstruction parameter and orientation of principal axes σ1, σ2, σ3 (orientation of maximum compression, extension) of paleostress.

Joint analysis

(structural-paragenetic method)

Fault slip analysis

(kinematic method)

Reconstruction stress fields and stress-strain state

  Complex application of joints (structural-paragenetic) and fault-slip (kinematic) analysis use for reconstruction of regional stress fields with main parametr (σ1, σ2, σ3; coeficient R) and deformation regime during prefolding, folding and postfolding stages of formation of orogen of thrust-belt region.

Figure. Detailed reconstruction the regional fields stress evolution of Skyba and Boryslav-Pokuttya nappes Ukrainian Carpathians.

Stuctural software

   Visualization and interpretation of the results of tectonophysics research carried out by using structural softwares: Stereo32, StereoNett, Stereonet-online, Tensor, Fabric, etc.

Scientific Importance

 Palaeostress reconstruction of the territory is necessary to separate regional stages of region during geological history. These results is significant for geodynamic reconstruction and will be used for creste model of geodynamic evolution.


  Besides, especially analysis of joints also will be used in order to forecast possible ways of fluid migration,increase of oil recovery from jointing rocks-collectors and create models of reservoirs in oil geology.